The Tasty Truth About Halal

Ethical Choice

The Meaning of Halal For delicious, humanely raised meat, halal is the way to go. This ancient practice perfectly suits modern tastes for ethical, natural eating.

Juicy and Tender
Try swapping halal meat into your favorite dishes. The extra care put into halal meats makes for exceptionally juicy, tender and flavorful results

Natural Diet
Halal meats come from herbivores like cows, sheep, goats and chickens that are fed a natural diet free of hormones or antibiotics. This produces a lean, flavorful meat..

Halal Meaning

The Meaning of Halal
Halal meats are taking over grocery stores and dinner tables. But what exactly does “halal” mean? Halal refers to meats prepared according to Islamic practices.

Humane Slaughter
When animals are slaughtered for halal meat, they must face towards Mecca, be blessed, and have their throats swiftly cut by a Muslim slaughterman. This method is designed to minimize suffering.


Trusted Certification Halal certification ensures the ethical treatment of animals from farm to table. It also verifies that meat has been properly handled according to Islamic practices

Taste and see

An Ethical Choice For delicious, humanely raised meat, halal is the way to go